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mainstay 主要依靠, 英文解释:a chief support 更加主要,重要的支持,程度比support深; prop如下,可见它没有support的意思,应该是supporter,它是支持者,支持物的意思。 [VERB 动词] 架;搁;靠;If you prop an object on or against so...

prop[prɑp; prɒp]可数名词1 支柱,支撑用的棍子2 支持者,拥护者,后盾the main ~ of a state国家的栋梁及物动词(propped; prop.ping)1 a. 支撑篆~ (up) a roof支撑住屋顶b. 支撑…[with, by]~ (up) a tree with a pole用竿子支撑住树木c. [用…...

及物动词 prop (propped; prop.ping) 1 a. 支撑篆 ~ (up) a roof 支撑住屋顶 b. 支撑…[with, by] ~ (up) a tree with a pole 用竿子支撑住树木 c. [用…]支撑…[with] I ~ped the door open with the chair. 我用椅子撑开门 2 支持,支援 3 使…倚靠...

Prop up 是支撑的意思

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