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歌曲名:Japanese Boy 歌手:Brighouse & Rastrick Band 专辑:Play All Time Classic Hits Japanese Boy - Smile.dk He said that he loved me never would go oh oh oh oh Now I find I'm sitting here on my own oh oh oh oh Was it something I...

问题不详  无法作答

歌曲名:Me Japanese Boy, I Love You 歌手:Frank Ifield 专辑:Remembering The Sixties Me Japanese Boy , I love you Linus's Blanket - Me and My burt Long long ago in a land far away A little boy and a girl were so in love Standing n...

Linus' blanket --一支来自韩国的演唱pop&bossa nova风格的Indie乐团 Linus' Blanket("利纳斯的毛毯")是以Yeongene为首的韩国5人独立乐团,创作的音乐受60年代的A&M pop和Bossa Nova影响,Linus' Blanket的两张单曲,旋律清新...

我猜你应该看得懂: 9. Aneka: “Japanese Boy” Time of the crime: 1981 Album: Any crappy ’80s hits collection Aneka’s lost her Japanese boyfriend. She’s looked in all the cupboards and under the bed, but she still can’t find him. ...

画面是严正花 Festival http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDQ4OTIxNDA=.html 那是把严正花的MV合成到Japanese boy 上

Did you see a Japanese boy? 或者Have you seen a Japanese boy?

不是,aged fifteen years old this year.是个从句,主句是He is a school boy form Japan . 没想到年龄的被动句

speak 说一种语言用的是speak

应该是The boy in green is from Japan. 意思是:那个穿绿色衣服的男孩子来自日本。

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