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guardian[ˈgɑ:diən] n.监护人; 保护者,维护者; 法国修道院院长; [例句]Their uncle was declared guardian to the orphans.这些孤儿的叔父成为他们的监护人。 [复数]guardians resist up,抗拒了

guardian 是单数第三人称,谓语动词应该用 resists up。不过没有 resist up 这种短语动词,应该是 resist sth. up。合起来的意思是 “监护人抵制/反对 ... 上涨/提高”。

First, "The world no longer needs my guardian, and the trauma of the earth will slowly from the back of its own, and all live in the future of ...

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